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Hinckley's Handyman Services, LLC was officially established in 2021 by Vincenzo Hinckley. Though originally a one-person operation it quickly evolved into a fully licensed, bonded and insured remodeling service for both home and business owners, its growth owed largely to the extensive list of regular, satisfied clients and talented subcontractors.

Vincenzo grew up in Tampa, Fl, where thanks to his very capable parents and the fixer upper they purchased in the early 2000's, he quickly became acquainted with an array of skills that would become the foundation for his first business. From adding French doors to an exterior concrete wall, to stripping, staining and sealing wooden floors, they did it all. That home is a fond reminder of hard work and dedication, and the many skills learned along the way.

One of HHS's biggest priorities is ensuring your remodel or Interior Design Project is completed with the same care Vincenzo brought to his parent’s home. Part of the reason he began the business was the countless times freelance clients would comment on how delighted they had been to choose him and what a change of pace they had experienced compared to previous contractors or handymen. 

When hiring HHS you can rest assured that whether you are working with Vincenzo directly, or one of his trusted employees, your project will be done with the same care and attention to detail brought to family.

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